What Is Your Thing?

2015-06-04 20.53.58


I am obsessed with the color black.  In most of my work, if I don’t have some black in there somewhere, I get anxious.  I wear mostly black.  My hair is dark brown but looks black.  So do my eyes.

And I am a Black Woman.  But this is not what I want to talk about.

If I thought about it long enough, my real obsession is telling the truth in my art.  And I don’t think I am there yet.  At least not completely.  I spend so much time watching lessons online, following steps, ooohing and ahhhing over other artists’ work, that when I free myself from that and begin to sketch all I can think about is whether what I am expressing is honest and true to what my insides want to say.  Some days, I feel I’m doing my thing.  MY thing.  But then there are days in between I feel like my stuff says nothing.

What is the thing in your art that is your non-negotiable?  And this is not just about paint colors or tools, though I’d be the first to holla about some new thing I just discovered. But if you get beyond that, what is the thing that drives you when you open that journal to the next blank page, or to the bare canvas that you don’t want to mess up?








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